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After careful consideration and years of wanting to start a blog website, I have finally done it. It was always easy but there was a need to ‘just do it!’

This is my first blog post after successfully configuring the Jekyll website. I found Jekyll quite easy being a static website generator. Though my intentions were to be content focused, the default Jekyll website was too plain for my liking, therefore, I decided to go with a theme called chirpy which really caught my eye while I was deciding on the right theme. I chose this one because it was quite plain yet it had the contrast that called out “Oh, pick me! pick me!”

This is most probably going to be the only post that is barely technical.

To build and serve this website, I used two sets of terraform templates, one to help me build the website (using Jekyll) on Digital Ocean’s infrastructure, as they are offering $100 free credit for a month, and the other, to help me deploy the website on Amazon Web Service, my go-to cloud provider owing to their experience in the market and always putting customer first whne building and maintaining the cloud infrastructre, I used the AWS S3 bucket as a static website and serving it via a CDN network ,i.e, AWS CloudFront,therefore, I will be writing a post on my journey so that anyone who has a static website can easily follow and create a secure static website. The website content could be using Jekyll or built any other way but all that will be required to is upload the code to AWS S3 using the following code aws s3 cp /path-to-your-static-files/* s3://<s3-static-website>/ and you will have a website of your own. Anyway, more on this when I publish the blog.

I am hoping to scavenge through my archives that I have documented over the years polish them a bit and post as they cover various tools and technologies I have worked on professionally and personally.

Just to make this post remotely technical, I am just going to leave this here:

echo "Hello World!"
#=> 'Hello World!
This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.