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I am IT professional passionate about everything DevOps and Cloud I have worked as DevOps Engineer, Cloud Engineer and a Solutions Architect and i possess experiences with the following skills/tools; Open Source, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Linux, RedHat, DevOps Methodology, Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Cassandra, Mongo, Nginx, Apache, Ansible, AWS CloudFormation, AWS CodePipeline, Git, Regex, GitLab, Bitbucket, OpenVPN, Softether, LAMP stack, Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana (ELK Stack) Jira, Confluence. Focused on improving infrastructure and SDLC via new technologies and/or automation to make it Highly Available, Fault Tolerant, Resilient and Cost Optimized.

I have experience in the following industries:

  1. FinTech
  2. Telecom
  3. Public Sector

Apart from tech my other hobbies include:

  1. Building Raspberrypi projects such as plex, pihole, couchpotato etc…
  2. Playing guitar.
  3. Scuba diving.
  4. Solving the rubik’s cube.
  5. Gaming - Counter Strike, DotA 2, Command and Conquer: Generals to name a few.
  6. Travelling - An eye opener, especially when you travel alone to places you don’t speak the native language.
  7. Photography.

Feel free to reach out to me any thing related technology or any of my hobbies. Would love to have a chat.